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Kancelaria Doradcy Podatkowego

Bilans Ryszard Śmidowicz

ul. Dalemińska 8b
61-614 Poznań
tel/faks: 61 825 67 26
lub 61 825 67 27
tel. kom. 606 241 096
e-mail: biuro@bilans.poznan.pl

Here at BILANS English desk we offer you a unique opportunity to prepare yourself for a job interview or an important meeting in English. If you work in finance but you feel that you need to polish up your Business English for the purpose of a specific situation, I am here to help you.
I will coach you how to explain Poland-specific tax, finance matters to an English-speaking foreigner. Let’s meet to talk business in English!
For more information contact us at a.smidowicz@bilans.poznan.pl